History of Nickelsville


In the spring of 2008 we began Planning.    

We asked to meet with Mayor Nickels several times but he wouldn’t

On September 23, 2008 we started on great piece of City Land

Mayor drove us off this land and arrested 25.

Next moved to State Land

Mayor threatened to fine State, and we honored Governors request to move

Next moved to Day Break Star Center, on land controlled by United Indians of All Tribes Foundation     

Mayor Issued Notices of Violation against all of us, plus 15 people and groups,

threatened fines

United Indians of All Tribes Foundation asked us to leave, so we did on schedule

Next moved to University Christian Church for two months – threatened with fines and NOVs’

Next moved to University Congregational Church for 3 months – threatened with fines/NOV’s

Next moved to Bryn Mawr in King County UMC for 3 months

Next moved for 6 weeks to State Land near original site

Next moved to Terminal 107 Park – Port gave us 3 diferent dates to be swept

Finally Swept September 30th

Next moved to St Andrew Episcopal Church for one week

Next Moved to Keystone Congregational Church for one month – in the Sanctuary

Moved to New Hope Missionary Baptist on November 5th, 2009

Moved to Great Mt Baker Missionary Baptist Church on Feb 5th 

Moved to private property owner (Pete Sikov) land in Skyway

We had hoped to have worked out a permanent site with Mayor McGinn by August

But it hasn’t come through yet.  On August 4th the camp Voted to give that process until adverse weather, then move to a permanent site.

On August 5th we moved to the Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd for 10 days – we           moved to University Congregation United Church of Christ August 14th

On November 17th we moved to an abandoned Firehouse in Lake City for up to 6 months                                    and our contract expired on  5/15/11

On Friday the 13th  the Black Cat Caravan moved Nickelsville from the Old Firestation back to here – its first site!

Mayor McGinn has said he won’t seek our eviction!

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