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Nickelsville Announcements

Visit by City Council and Need for Water

posted Jul 9, 2011, 4:50 PM by Oshun Ibu Kole

Dear Friends:

Greetings from Nickelsville!  Here are two pieces of information about
our home for your consideration, first our visit from four City
Council people yesterday and then WATER.

Next week we will give you a more detailed report of the Council
Visit.  In sum, the Council People liked and were interested in our
small simple sturdy sleeping structures and plans to build 270 on this
site with 3 accompanying trailers equipped with kitchen, laundry and
showers.  They were genuinely friendly, concerned and down to earth.
We feel our spokespeople and tour guides did a good job getting out
our story and hopes for the future.  Thank you Councilpeople Licata,
Rasmussen, Clark and Bagshaw!

WATER:  Our West Seattle Water Man - who has faithfully and tirelessly
been ferrying water to our camp from the second week of our return -
is going on a well deserved vacation to Montana.  Today!  We
desperately need A)  A Water Delivery Coordinator and B)  Drivers with
vehicles to transport the water.  (We do have a lot of 5 gallon jugs,
and a nearby friend who will let us use their tap.)

Pu Lee ez call the Nickelsville Staff Person - Scott at 450-9136 - or
email him at scott@nickelsville.org ASAP if you can help with either!


Your friends at Nickelsville

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